What to do if your dog doesn't want to put a tracker on its collar?

There are lots of benefits of having a GPS tracker installed within the collar of your dog. And it will help you locate it wherever it goes. But, sometimes, putting up a pet GPS on a dog can be a hectic work if your dog has gotten irritated by seeing it on its collar.

What happens is that when you put on a GPS dog tracker on the collar of the dog, either it comes with the range of its vision and due to that the dog gets irritated to see an object on the collar and want to remove it immediately. In such cases, it may damage it with its consistent and adverse efforts to pull it out.

And in another case, if you put up a heavy duty tracker that is bulkier than gps trackers, then it may exert a little bit of extra weight on its neck and that may cause it to get fierce can will try to put it off.

In such conditions, you can take care of the following matters:

  • Make sure you have got a lightweight, compact, sleek or pod shaped gps tracker that does not exert any extra pressure on its neck. This will make no difference to its neck and the tracker can be put there without getting noticed.
  • Another thing you can do is to put the tracker in a way that doesn't come in the range of the dog's sight. As if you put it on the sides of the collar, it can easily be seen by the dog. But if you put it right under the neck that will be covered with the dog's hairs, it will not be clearly visible to the dog. And you can make it stay there for a long period of time.

Using these two tactics can help you lower the chances of dog's reaction for the tracker installation.

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